Silvia Tcherassi

Triggiano Shirt


The Triggiano shirt is a revisited version of one of the best sellers with unique embroidered characteristics. A prestigious linen fabric approached with the Silvia Tcherassi touch.  A beautiful celtic blue colour intervened with orange embroidered diamonds throughout the front. The keyhole neckline, tassels, and voluminous blue sleeves add for the perfect balance of details. It also features an elastic detail that comes down 3⁄4 at the sleeve that is adjustable for your preferred fit and volume. It is a stunning item blouse that is a designer take on the classic everyday element tops with a very special touch enriched with details all throughout the front. A very casual and lightweight linen blouse that represents the Silvia Tcherassi aesthetic filled with unique elements.

This is a versatile daytime blouse. Given its colours it can be styled in a unique fashion forward tone or even with denim. Style with a pair of trousers in white or similar tones. Pair with either sandals or a pair of heels and our Sindione belt.

100% embroidered linen

Size Guide: S = Australian 8, M = Australian 10, L = Australian 12